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how to buy

Step 1: Get Wallet

First, you will need to download a wallet to use with Uniswap. We recommend MetaMask because it’s easy to use, however, there are many others that work well.


Step 2: Import CLEANER Wallet

After you have downloaded and set up your MetaMask wallet, you will then need to add $CLNR as a compatible token for your wallet. In order to do this, you will need to press the "Add Token" button near the bottom of your screen.


Then you will need to select "Custom Token," and paste the $CLNR contract address into the box labeled "Token Contract Address."


Once you have pasted the correct contract address, the "Token Symbol" field and the "Token Decimal" field will both autofill.

Here is the correct contract address:




Step 3: Add Funding

Now that Cleaner Earth is showing up in your wallet, it's time to add the Ethereum that you will be used to swap for $CLNR. There are several ways to do this. You can buy Ethereum directly in your MetaMask wallet, or you can buy Ethereum on another exchange and send it to your wallet for use with Uniswap.

Step 4: Connect Wallet

You now have funding in your wallet and are ready to start swapping. Next, you will need to go to Uniswap. If you are using MetaMask on mobile, you can go to the in-app browser and access Uniswap directly from there. Or, you can go to the Uniswap website from any other browser.


Click the Uniswap button below to open Uniswap in a new window.

uniswap logo.png

Once you are on the Uniswap website, you will then need to connect your wallet. To do this, click one of the "Connect Wallet" buttons that you will see.


Now you will need to select the wallet which you are using and connect it to Uniswap.

Step 5: Swap!

Your wallet is now connected to Uniswap, and you're almost ready to swap!

First, you must import $CLNR into Uniswap with the contract address just like you did with your wallet.


Next, you have to select the amount of Ethereum that you would like to swap and authorize Uniswap to use your funds.


(This will charge your wallet an initial network fee without actually making the swap. It is only required the first time you swap with this wallet.)

Once the wallet is authorized, then you can make the swap and become a part of this important community!

Step 6: Relax!

Finally, you are finished and are a $CLNR Hodler! All that's left to do is relax and watch the value of your coins go up, while also knowing that you're helping make Earth cleaner for generations to come! 




Welcome to the Cleaner Earth Community! 

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